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  • Including your request in the SJS mass petitions

  • Including your request in the “Pray with Us” section in the weekly email update

  • Choose to be contacted by a member of the Family Faith Formation team to coordinate a Spiritual Bouquet (inviting families to pray the rosary, a novena, attend mass, etc.)

  • Mailing a handmade card from SJS to your loved one and/or their family

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St. James Teachers

The Saint James faculty is committed to quality academics, to a nurturing and safe environment of individual concern, and to strong relationships with students and parents that help form faith-filled, hardworking, kind, and humble students.

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Last name First name Grade/Dept. Room # / Location Email Address
Adams Brent 6th Grade 206
Baik Trish Nurse Nurse
Bilski Michael 7th/8th Grade ELA 218
Boudart Kathryn SPED TA 220
Brown Patty 1st Grade 100
Busa Kelly Assistant Principal 200B
Dillon Sharon 2nd Grade 134
Driscoll Karen 6th Grade 210
Esquivel Mary 6th-8th Grade SS 216
Fink Colleen PreK4-4th Grade PE PE Office
Finn Melissa Marketing Director 200A
Franz Jennifer Nurse Nurse
Gallo Elizabeth Learning Behavior Specialist 136
Gerardi Mary PreK 4 114
Granato Jessica 3rd Grade 124
Jarosz Karen Learning Behavior Specialist 132
Jones Jane Admin Assistant/Registrar Office
Karch Paige 2nd Grade 136
Kelly Karen 5th Grade 202
Kendrick Mike Principal 4
Lollino Angela Kindergarten 104
Long Nicole 6th-8th Grade Science 208
Macius Caroline 1st Grade 127
Madden Gail Nurse Nurse
Madden Lauren 2nd Grade 126
Manos Jenna 3rd Grade 125
Marcotte Dan PreK – 8th Grade Music 107
May Corey 7th/8th Grade Math 212
May Kim 5th Grade 204
McDermott Mary Band Director 103
McEnerney Michelle 4th Grade 120
Moulton Gary Technology/STEM 203
O’Brien Angela PreK 3 & 4 112
Perkinson Erin Director of Student Services 130
Pettenuzzo Mary Beth 5th – 8th grade PE PE Office
Pontarelli Becky Kindergarten 106
Prazuch Cyndi Librarian Resource Center
Redstrom Emily PreK 3 & 4 110
Resch Kari Kindergarten 108
Schade Joan Admin Assistant Office
Stahl Margarita 4th Grade 123
Stock Carrie Learning Behavior Specialist 220
Tambling Laura 1st Grade 102
Thomas Nicole 4th Grade 122
Tomko Brynn 6th – 8th grade Spanish 214
Trausch Christine 1st – 8th Grade Art 201
Zebron Gina Ed. Tech Coordinator Resource Center
Fine ArtsAthleticsClubs

Fine Arts

Bulldog Chorus

St. James School’s student choir is open to students in 2nd through 4th grade. This group of singers performs at pep rallies, school Mass, and the Variety Show. By developing musical skills and performing in public, the students acquire poise, increased self-esteem, and an understanding that discipline and hard work bring rewards.

Student Cantors & Instrumentalists

Students in grades 6-8 are invited to cantor at our school mass. Students will prepare for masses with the guidance of the music teacher before school and meet with the music teacher prior to school mass to review music. Students are also welcome to audition to play instruments and be included in leading the student congregation in song.

Slide Squad

Students interested in serving with the music ministry during mass can offer to provide technical support as a slide operator. Students on our slide squad follow along with the mass to offer lyrics to the congregation.

Broadway Bulldogs

The Broadway Bulldogs is our junior high theatre group bringing musical productions to the stage each winter. The overall production is led by talented parent volunteers. Students in grades 6-8 are invited annually to be part of the production. Students can audition to be in the show or assist with stage crew or lighting and tech. No student is turned away! Those involved develop a wide range of skills, as well as friendships and lifelong memories, as they display their talent on the St. James stage.

For more music information, please contact Mr. Marcotte at


Our band program is open to students beginning in 4th grade. Students are provided with individual and group instruction to take them from being beginners on their instrument, working at finding notes and rhythms, to being fully contributing members of a band ensemble. Students perform in concert three times per year for both school and parent audiences. Additional opportunities evolve through the program, allowing students to further develop their musical talent and showcase their progress. Students have performed during the Arlington Heights Memorial Day parade, for residents at the Lutheran Home and Village, during school masses with music ministry, and also as the “bucket band” during our annual variety show, providing lively, heart-thumping music. Our band program consists of a Beginner Band (4th grade), Junior Band (5th grade), Senior Band (Junior High), and Jazz Band (5th-8th grade).

For more information, please contact Mrs. McDermott at


St. James Athletics Registration: 2022-2023
  • Fall Registration: May 9-28
  • Winter Registration: September
  • Spring Registration: January
Register Now

We offer the following sports for SJS students:


  • Girls’ Volleyball – $100 registration fee. Runs from mid-August until the end of October for girls in 5th through 8th grade. The conference includes separate leagues for each grade level.
  • Cross Country – $50 registration fee. Runs from mid-August until early October for boys and girls in 5th through 8th grade. The conference includes a JV division (5th & 6th grade) and a Varsity division (7th & 8th grade). In addition to conference meets, we participate in a regional meet for the Illinois Elementary School Athletics (IESA).
  • Soccer – $50 registration fee. In recent years, SJS has competed in North Shore Catholic School Soccer League and plays most games in Glenview against 7 schools, including Immaculate Conception in Chicago, North Side Catholic Academy in Chicago, Our Lady of Perpetual Hope in Glenview, Queen of All Saints in Chicago, St. Catherine Laboure in Glenview, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Chicago, St. Colette in Rolling Meadows.


  • Poms – $50 registration fee. We offer a Poms program for 4th & 5th grade girls. They practice once per week from September through January and perform at school events and home basketball games.


  • Boys’ Basketball – $100 registration fee. Runs from early October until the end of January for boys in 5th through 8th grade. The conference includes separate leagues for each grade level (and gold and silver divisions in order to balance competition).
  • Girls’ Basketball – $100 registration fee. Runs from early October until the end of January for girls in 5th through 8th grade. The conference includes separate leagues for each grade level (and gold and silver divisions in order to balance competition).


  • Boys’ Volleyball – $100 registration fee. Runs from mid-February until early May for boys in 5th through 8th grade. The conference includes separate leagues for each grade level.
  • Track and Field – $50 registration fee. Runs from early March until early May for boys and girls in 5th through 8th grade. The conference includes a JV division (5th & 6th grade) and a Varsity division (7th & 8th grade). In addition to conference meets, we participate in a regional meet for the Illinois Elementary School Athletics (IESA).
  • Girls’ Softball – $50 registration fee. Runs from late March until mid-May. The conference includes a JV division (5th & 6th grade) and a Varsity division (7th & 8th grade). All games are played at Melas Park in Arlington Heights.

For more details including schedules, standing, and school locations, please visit

For any Athletics questions, please email

Register Now

Athletic Board

The St. James School Athletic Program teaches and encourages Christian values as it promotes physical development, athletic skill, team camaraderie, good sportsmanship, and school spirit.

The athletics program is managed by the SJS Athletic Board, established in 1990, with the mission to foster good sportsmanship among teammates and between competing teams. The Athletic Board is run by a dedicated group of parent volunteers and reports to the Principal of the school.

The 2021-2022 Athletic Board  

Interim President: Jerry Klopp
Secretary: Meghan Kay
Treasurer: Kristen Wentink
Compliance Coordinator: Kristy Balla
Facilities: Jerry Klopp
Equipment: Open
Special Events Coordinator: Tess Dean
Technology Director: Kevin Dillon
Digital Communications Director: Margaret Perrotta
Concessions: Jane Werling
Soccer Director: Open
Cross Country Director: Dave Long
Girls’ Volleyball Director: Christy Horn
Boys’ Volleyball Director: Open
Girls’ Basketball Director: Mark Del Boccio
Boys’ Basketball Director: Paul Sheldon
Track Director: Open
Softball Director: Open
POMs Coach: Meghan Kay


Spanish Club – Offered to grades 6-8

El Club de español is open to students in 6th-8th grade every Friday morning before school. It is an opportunity for students who want more exposure to the language and culture outside of the classroom. It consists of special cultural activities, especially for Día de Los Muertos, as well as games and practice to encourage enthusiasm for the language and culture. The material covered is Introductory Spanish to some Spanish II, meaning 6th graders get a sneak peek of material they will learn as they continue with the class, and 7th and 8th graders get both review and exposure to new material they will see in the future. All Club days have a cultural/geographical component where students learn about the different Spanish-speaking countries as well.

For more information, please contact Señorita Tomko:

Scholastic Bowl – Offered to grades 7 & 8

Also known as Academic or Quiz Bowl, Scholastic Bowl is a competitive academic club, in which two teams compete head-to-head to answer questions from all areas of knowledge, including history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, popular culture, sports, and more.

The defining feature of the scholastic bowl is the use of a “buzzer system” that lets players interrupt the reading of a question when they know the answer. That element adds a dimension of confidence, anticipation, and rapid recall to a game about knowing facts. Those “tossup” questions are answered individually, but doing so earns one’s team a chance at a three-part “bonus” question. Bonus questions are worth more points and allow collaboration but are generally more difficult.

At St. James, the 8th Grade Scholastic Bowl Team practices in the fall, and the 7th Grade Scholastic Bowl Team practices during the winter. Student teams participate in competitions at Saint Viator High School against other Catholic schools from the surrounding areas. The format and questions are based on the National Academic Quiz Tournament rules. After graduation, students have the opportunity to continue competing on academic teams when they move onto high school.

National Academic Quiz Tournament

For more information, please contact Mrs. Esquivel:

STEM Club – Offered to grades 6-8

STEM Club is offered to students in grades 6-8. This club is for any student who has expressed an advanced interest in the sciences and technology. Club members will have the opportunity to participate in more detailed laboratory experiments, and hands-on STEM projects. STEM Club will meet Wednesdays from 3:35pm to 4:20pm after school in room 208. A lab fee of $20 will be requested from each club member. STEM Club membership will be restricted to the first 20 students who express interest. Classroom behavior and the ability to commit to being at all or most of the meetings may also be a consideration.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Long:

After-School Enrichment – Offered to grades K-5

Most of our Stay, Learn & Create classes are offered to grades Kindergarten through 5th. Classes take place at SJS and are taught by qualified instructors. Offerings change from season to season depending on popularity and enrollment. No late registrations are accepted.

For more information on our after-school program, please contact or

View Program Offerings
Health Office

We take your children’s health and safety very seriously, and we have three full-time nurses who job-share the position in our Health Office.

To report absences, please leave a detailed message at 224.345.7146.

For all other inquiries, please email the Health Office at and one of our nurses will get back to you.

Sick Policy

We understand that at times it can be difficult to determine if your child is well enough to attend school. The following guidelines represent a few of our recommendations.

Keep your child at home if he/she has:

  • Sore throat, severe cough, and runny nose: Children benefit from resting at home at the onset of a cold. Your child should remain home if symptoms are serious enough to interfere with your child’s ability to learn. Additionally, young children attending school with mild symptoms need to be successful at covering their mouths while coughing/sneezing and able to independently manage a runny nose.
  • Fever: If your child’s temperature is 99.4 degrees or greater he/she should remain home until he/she has been without a fever for a full 24 hours (without the use of fever reducing medication.)
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea: Your child should remain home until without an episode of vomiting or diarrhea for a full 24 hours.

If your child becomes sick at school and we feel this student is too sick to benefit from school or may be contagious to others, you will be called to come and take your child home. Our goal is to keep your child in school at their optimal health.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the health office at

Illinois Mandated Health Forms

Certificate of Child Health Exam Form
Required for: PreK-3, Kindergarten, 6th grade, and all New students

View / Download

Proof of Dental Exam Form
Required for: Kindergarten, 2nd, and 6th grade

View / Download

Eye Examination Report
Required for: Kindergarten only

View / Download

Sports Physical
Required for: Grades 4-8

View / Download

St. James School Emergency Form

St. James requires an annual emergency form for each student enrolled in school. Please submit completed forms to the homeroom teacher on Orientation Day.

View / Download

COVID Guidelines

Archdiocese of Chicago COVID Guidelines

View / Download

Medications at School

St. James School Medication Policy

View / Download

Authorization Form for Prescription & Over-the-Counter Medications

View / Download

Authorization Forms for the Self-Administration of an Inhaler or Epi-Pen
Parent Authorization

View / Download

Physician Authorization

View / Download

Food Allergies at School

St. James is a nut allergen aware school. There are no peanut or tree nut products allowed in the classrooms. We offer a nut-free table option in the cafeteria.
St. James School Suggested Food List

View / Download

Asthma Action Plan for Home and School

View / Download

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis emergency Care Plan

View / Download
School Handbook
View School Handbook
Photo Library

Our SJS Photo Album is presented here with a sentimental heart to preserve the memories and photos of your child from kindergarten through 8th grade.

View Photos
Annual FundBusinessCommitteesEvents
​​St. James Family and School Association (FSA)

A community united in faith and service to our school, staff, students, and God.

The mission of the St. James School FSA is to enhance the faith-centered educational experience of students at St. James through curricular, staff, and classroom support and financial contributions to our school. The FSA aims to foster a welcoming Catholic Christian community to unite families in purpose and action through volunteerism in our educational, social, and fundraising activities. The success and effectiveness of the FSA rely on the active participation of all members of our caring school community.

FSA Officers

President: Becky Dufern –
Vice President: Julie Delaney –
Secretary: Laura McLeod –
Treasurer: Carrie Stock –

General FSA questions or comments are always welcome at

Annual Fund

The FSA Annual Fund began in 2019 as a way of eliminating fundraisers that were requiring a great deal of parent volunteer time without substantial profit. The Annual Fund suggested donation is $200 per family. We greatly appreciate all of those that are able to contribute and also understand that this may not be an option for everyone at this time.

Learn MoreDonate Now


FSA Meetings are scheduled every other month (September, November, January, March) and May and are open to ALL SJS parents. Please join us, be informed, and get involved in the events and activities that FSA sponsors!

Meeting Agendas


Meeting Minutes


Annual Budget

Approved 21-22 Budget


Our amazing parent volunteers are the heart and soul of our school. FSA has over 25 committees to get involved in! Some committees are year-round and some organize one-time events. Whether you are a committee head or a helper, we are grateful for your time. Below you can find ways to get involved as well as any forms or information you may need as a committee member.

Get Involved – Volunteer Opportunities
List of Committees and Chairs
Committee Chair Information
Room Reservation Form
Tax Exempt Form
Committee Recap Report
Committee Financial Activity Report

Upcoming Events

FSA works tirelessly to bring our amazing SJS community together throughout the year. Our FSA sponsored events are a great way to connect our students, staff, and families in a wide variety of activities. There’s something for everyone!

Before / After Care

Families of St. James School can choose to send their children to our before and/or after school care. Both before and after school care are daily rates that are charged through your Smart Tuition account.

Before School Care InformationAfter School Care InformationAfter School Care Registration Form (Print)After School Care Registration Form (Online)

Before School Care Questions
Mrs. Kari Resch

After School Care Questions
Mrs. Jane Jones

Volunteer / Compliance

To complete compliance tasks, visit the Archdiocese of Chicago website.

Visit Archdiocese of Chicago Website
Criminal Background Check

Criminal background check run through VIRTUS online as part of the VIRTUS registration process. Rechecked every three years through VIRTUS. (Policy 603.2)


Yearly check of the central registry of the Department of Children and Family Services.

* Required only once for employees who do not work with children. (Policy 603.5)

English CANTS 689 Form | Spanish CANTS 689 Form

  • VIRTUS’s Protecting God’s Children training session. Register and attend within 15 days of beginning work or volunteering. (Policy 603.3)
  • VIRTUS’s Keeping the Promise Alive three-year recertification program done online through VIRTUS. (Policy 603.7)
  • VIRTUS’s Vulnerable Adult Training online training for those who minister solely to vulnerable adults. Replaces PGC.
Mandated Reporter Training

Mandated Reporter Training from State of IL training website. Re-certified every three years, including re-signing the Acknowledgment Form (CANTS 22 or CANTS 22A for clergy). Certificates and signed forms are to be kept in file. (Policy 603.6 and 603.7)

Archdiocesan Standards of Behavior

Archdiocesan Standards of Behavior for Church Personnel Working with Minors and Vulnerable Adults (formerly Code of Conduct). Read and signed at time of hire and re-acknowledged yearly through VIRTUS. (Policy 603.4)

Archdiocesan Standards of Behavior (English)
Normas de Comportamiento Arquidiocesanas (Español)
Archidiecezjalne standardy zachowania (Polski)

Uniform / Dress Code

The goals of the uniform code are to create an atmosphere conducive to learning, to be easily observable and enforceable, to promote student safety, to project a good image of our school, and to be in good taste and ensure modesty. See page 32 of the Student Handbook for further details about the uniform.

Order Uniforms

Uniforms can be ordered through Dennis Uniform Company. Dennis Uniforms gives 3% of the net sales back to SJS annually.

The SJS school code is: GAQGV

Order Online

Shop In-Store
Dennis Uniform Company
7055 W. Higgins
Chicago, IL 60656

Get Directions

You can also order uniform shirts, shorts, and pants from Lands’ End, which gives 3% of the net sales back to SJS bi-annually! Please enter our school name (St. James) or number (900128257) when ordering.

P.E. Uniforms

P.E. uniforms must be worn by students in Grades 6-8 for P.E. class. SJS P.E. uniform is available at:

TLK Marketing
678 Chaddick Drive
Wheeling, IL 60090

Spirit Wear

SJS Bulldog spirit wear is a great way to represent our Catholic community and demonstrate our school pride. A variety of products, colors, and styles can be purchased. Order spirit wear year-round to wear on spirit wear days and to athletic events!

Order Now
School Council

The St. James School Council acts as a leadership group to promote the school and its programs and assist the principal with finance, recruiting/retention, strategy, and special projects.

Parent Attendance at Meetings

Parents and other guests are welcome to attend and observe St. James School Council meetings. If planning to attend, please be aware of our specific format and guidelines:

  • If you would like to have an item added to the agenda, a short written summary should be given to the Chairperson or Principal two days prior to the meeting.
  • The night of the meeting, you are welcome to join us in our opening prayer and then the Chairperson will introduce you to the rest of the Council.
  • Following this introduction, you may quietly observe the Council while it is in session.
  • When your agenda item is ready to be discussed, you will be invited by the Chairperson to present your issue. You will have plenty of time to speak and Council members may ask questions for clarification.
  • Once you have presented, you are free to remain at the meeting until the Executive Session portion of the meeting begins. At this time, all visitors are requested to depart the meeting. Someone from the council will respond to you at a later date; please understand that the issue(s) you raise will not be immediately resolved at the current meeting.

For additional information, please see the School Council Bylaws, or contact the Chairperson or Principal. Thank you in advance for sharing your time and concerns with us.

School Council Constitution & ByLaws

(Updated as of 4/21/21)

View Now
2021/2022 School Council Members

Cathy Avecilla is in her second year on the School Council and first serving as Chair. With her husband Ryan, she has 3 daughters at St. James. Olivia is in 5th grade, Emma is in 2nd grade, and Abby is in Pre-K 4. Cathy has worked in product marketing for 20 years and is currently at Weber. Cathy is looking forward to serving the St. James community and representing the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of fellow SJS parents to the administration!

Emily Hill is in her second year on the School Council and is serving as Vice Chair. Her husband Mike is a SJS alum, and they have three children attending St. James: Evelyn is in 6th grade, Georgia is in 4th, and Bode is in 2nd. Emily has been a teacher for over 15 years and is currently an adjunct professor of Education at Harper College and a Student Teacher Supervisor through ISU. She is looking forward to a great year working with the school community.

Becky Dufern is serving her second year as president of the FSA. She and her husband Ryan have three children, Gillian is in 8th grade, Maddie is in 6th grade, and Caitlin is in 3rd grade. Becky herself is a proud graduate of SJS, class of 1990! Mrs. Dufern is a Library Media Specialist in AHSD25 teaching at Olive-Mary Stitt, Westgate, and Ivy Hill elementary schools. She also volunteered to coordinate the entire SJS library program for many years developing programs like the Bulldog Book Award and the Battle of the Books. She is looking forward to making up for lost time since last year had so many restrictions. FSA has many amazing events and opportunities planned for parents and families to come together in fun, social, and faith-based activities this year! Let’s FIND A WAY to make 21-22 the best year!

Chris Salituro teaches high school at Stevenson in Lincolnshire and is married to Sofia, who is a pediatrician in Arlington Heights and Buffalo Grove. They have two daughters at St. Viator and one daughter at St. James in 6th grade.

Christy Horn

Michelle Goreham is excited to be joining the School Council this year. She and her husband Jon have three boys at St. James: Harvey (2nd grade), Blaine (Kindergarten), and Archie (PreK 4). During her free time, she enjoys coaching CrossFit at Elite Athletic Development in Arlington Heights and volunteering at St. James School.

Abbie Gutzmer is in her first year on the school council and together with her husband, Eric, has 2 children attending St. James: Ellie (4th grade) and Will (2nd grade). She works at Vernon Hills High School where she teaches math, supports administration through her work on the SIP team, and coaches volleyball. She is a 1992 graduate of St. James and is excited to have this opportunity to work with the parents and staff of this wonderful school community.

Elizabeth Berger is excited to join School Council this year as she and her family are new to the St. James Community. Elizabeth and her husband Adam have two daughters attending St. James for their second year – Grace (6th grade) and Anna (3rd grade). Elizabeth volunteers in the Bulldog Library and coaches 6th grade girls basketball for AHYBA. Elizabeth works as a Paralegal for a boutique law firm in Chicago. She is excited to be involved with the St. James Community!

Jim Kestler is a litigation attorney and is serving his first term on School Council. He is married to Jackie and they have 5 sons (Sebastian, 2nd grade; Henry, Kindergarten; Benjamin, PK4; Leo and Luke: 2-year old future Bulldogs). They have been St. James parishioners since 2016 and love the close-knit and active church and school community.