Our Foundational Pillars

Faith. Excellence. Leadership. Service.  You’ll find them in all we do.


FAITH    Saint James School strives to provide a foundation of faith and awareness that Christ is always present. The school families are united in prayer, worship, and service with all parish ministries, to be on fire with Jesus, and carry His teachings within as well as far beyond the walls of our parish community.

     Saint James School strives to unlock a child’s gifts and talents within a rigorous curriculum directed toward teaching the whole child. The school seeks to foster each child’s capacity for success, developing skills and competencies needed for the 21st Century.  A safe and nurturing environment allows for the development of the attributes of curiosity, independence, collaboration, and articulate communication.

LEADERSHIP    Saint James School strives to empower students to develop their moral compass in accordance with the Gospel teachings. Students are trained to demonstrate confidence, courage, and perseverance in the face of societal pressures. With their families, Saint James School seeks to grow independent thinkers who are proud to be the face of Jesus to the world.

SERVICE     Saint James School strives for students to grow in their awareness of the larger world and the need to develop a service mentality in order to bring Christ to others. Our goal is to inspire the intrinsic desire possessed by all students and promote faith in action.




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