Welcome to the SJS Virtual Parent Information Night (PIN)! 

Below you will find all the grade-level specific videos, slide decks, and information for the school year. These videos are all pre-recorded so you can watch them at your own pace. If you have any specific grade level questions, please do not hesitate to contact your teachers. 

CLICK HERE to watch the general PIN presentation.
CLICK HERE to download the slides from the general PIN presentation. 

It is a great day to be a Bulldog!

-Mike Kendrick


PreK 3 & 4

Grade Level Team
Ms. Frye (PreK 3 & 4): efrye@stjamesschoolah.org
Mrs. Gerardi (PreK 4 Full Day): mgerardi@stjamesschoolah.org
Mrs. O’Brien (PreK 3 & 4): aobrien@stjamesschoolah.org





Grade Level Team
Ms. Lollino: alollino@stjamesschoolah.org
Mrs. Resch: kresch@stjamesschoolah.org
Mrs. Pontarelli: rpontarelli@stjamesschoolah.org

1st Grade

Grade Level Team
Mrs. Brown: pbrown@stjamesschoolah.org
Ms. Macius: cmacius@stjamesschoolah.org
Ms. Tambling: ltambling@stjamesschoolah.org

2nd Grade

Grade Level Team
Mrs. Dillon: sdillon@stjamesschoolah.org
Mrs. Madden: lmadden@stjamesschoolah.org

3rd Grade

Grade Level Team
Ms. Castaldi: ccastaldi@stjamesschoolah.org
Mrs. Granato: jgranato@stjamesschoolah.org
Mrs. McEnerney: mmcenerney@stjamesschoolah.org

4th Grade

Grade Level Team
Ms. Stahl: mstahl@stjamesschoolah.org
Ms. Thomas: nthomas@stjamesschoolah.org

5th Grade

Grade Level Team
Mrs. Bridges: kbridges@stjamesschoolah.org
Mrs. Kelly: kkellyl@stjamesschoolah.org
Mrs. Long: nlong@stjamesschoolah.org
Mrs. May: kmay@stjamesschoolah.org
Mrs. McDermott: mmcdermott@stjamesschoolah.org
Mrs. Trausch: ctrausch@stjamesschoolah.org

6th Grade

Grade Level Team
Mr. Adams: badams@stjamesschoolah.org
Mrs. Driscoll: kdriscoll@stjamesschoolah.org
Ms. Wentzel: pwentzel@stjamesschoolah.org

7th/8th Grade

On the interactive PIN board for the 7th & 8th grade team, you can click on individual teachers to go to their pages, watch the 7th/8th PIN video, and be directed to important information for the school year. 


Mrs. McDermott: mmcdermott@stjamesschoolah.org

It is a Great Day to be a Bulldog!