In the mist of the Illinois stay at home order, Saint James School held a virtual Class of 2020 awards ceremony on Tuesday, May 26. This ceremony honored the achievement of students who excelled in academics, athletics, and fine arts throughout their years at Saint James School. Congratulations to all our award winners!

Altar Server Recognition
Each year we recognize our 8th graders who have served the church through altar serving for school and weekend masses. These students have shown a commitment to their faith by assisting our priests during the mass.                                                        

Athletic Awards

Spanish Awards
Students are being recognized for academic excellence in Spanish language acquisition. These awards are not about the best Spanish student, but the students who work hard, go above what is asked, and show true enthusiasm for learning the language and culture.

STEM Award
The STEM award is given to a student or students who possess a strong skillset in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They have been an active member and leader of STEM club and demonstrate their creativity and passion through innovative activities and discussions. They always strive to push the depth of their knowledge just a little deeper through their desire to learn more by doing and making connections to the world around them.

Sullivan Award for Academic Effort & Achievement
Each year an award is given to one eighth grade boy and one eighth grade girl for outstanding scholastic achievement. An award is also given for outstanding scholastic effort. The upper-level teachers select the students to receive these awards on total achievement and effort as reflected in the students’ 8th grade report cards. The level of participation in classroom activities will also be used to determine the recipients of these awards.

President’s Education Award
Students who have earned this distinguished honor have exhibited exceptional work ethic and determination. Our nation will soon look to these future leaders for guidance to build a stronger and prosperous future for our country. Students who receive this award were on the honor roll both 1st and 2nd trimesters.

Susan K. Reifsnyder award
The Susan K. Reifsnyder award for music ministry was established in 1997, and the St. James Music Ministry team chooses an 8th grade student which carries a monetary gift. The recipient of the Susan K. Reifdnyder award is someone who has committed themselves to the fine arts through their musical gifts and talents. In addition the student who receives this award has also committed themselves to service for the church through helping worship Jesus through this music ministry.

Margaret Zimmer Sweeney Award
Each year St. James presents the Margaret Zimmer Sweeney Award. This award is given to an eighth grade students who has exhibited seriousness about their, schoolwork, and a dedication to the essence of faith life by selflessness and service to others. All eighth grade students are eligible for this award. The family of Margaret Zimmer Sweeney, a longtime parishioner of St. James, has funded this honor, offering the recipient a monetary award.