Attention Families –

Friday, December 6th (8:20-9:20 a.m.) is our annual Christmas collection for teachers and staff. This is a popular way to show appreciation to the many St. James School personnel who do so much for our children during the year. This collection is STRICTLY VOLUNTARY and is often in lieu of giving separate gifts.

Room Parents will be stationed at North and West doors, where students can drop off envelopes upon entering the school building. For those parents who wish to drop off envelopes themselves, volunteers will be collecting envelopes from drivers in the drop off line. Volunteers will be collecting during morning drop off times ONLY.

Each teacher or staff member receives a single card with their gift of money and a list of all children/families who have contributed. No amounts are listed on the card. The Room Parents will distribute these cards to the teachers at their classroom Christmas party. Non-homeroom staff, aides, administration, etc will also receive their gifts before Christmas break. To help the collecting and sorting process run smoothly, please do the following:

1)This is a single one-time collection. To not make extra work for the volunteers, please turn in your envelopes during the drop off times as listed above. Late envelopes can no longer be accepted. Please understand there are 300+ families turning in more than 2000 envelopes to be sorted out to dozens of parent volunteers. Envelopes must be turned in between 8:20 and 9:20 a.m.

2)For each staff member to whom you wish to give, make a separate envelope with the following information neatly written:
Staff member’s full first and last name
Room number & grade(if applicable)
Your family name or child’s name(s) and room number(s)
You may choose to give to a teacher, aide, secretary or anyone on staff you feel deserves a Christmas thank you.

3)Contributions must be IN CASH, in separate envelopes. NO Coins and NO Checks. This is a cash-only collection. Volunteers will not have extra envelopes or small bills to make change on the morning of the collection. Volunteers will not be able to write out envelopes for you.

PreK-3 classes may submit envelopes to Room Parents on Tuesday, Dec 10 under the canopy at drop-off as specified by your room parents. Watch for a separate email.

A SJS staff list is attached to help you prepare.

Thank you,
Mary Reddin
Christmas Collection Coordinator