At all grade levels, St. James Catholic School students learn to be safe, respectful, and responsible digital citizens through the implementation of the Common Sense Education Digital Citizenship curriculum.  At St. James we value our balanced approach of using technology in the classroom and we know how crucially important it is to help our students navigate their digital world with integrity.  Parents we encourage you to visit Common Sense Education for resources to help you talk with your children about using technology and the internet and to determine what media is age-appropriate for your children.  As a school and faith community, we are partners with you to model, teach and support habits and behaviors that reflect our desire to raise our children as disciples of Christ.  We are your partners in raising SAFE, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, AND CHRIST-LIKE Bulldogs!


Last spring, St. James hosted Detective Wistocki, a former long-time member of the Naperville Police Department and now operating the Be Sure Consulting group.  Detective Wistocki’s presentations teach parents how to have technology talks with their child, parental responsibility, trending crimes, reporting incidents, collecting evidence, software for computer and cell phone, red flags, and social networking issues.  For more information about Detective Wistocki, visit  For recorded presentations, you may visit the Naperville Police Department website here.