FROM THE DESK OF MRS. PAT FARRELL, Director of Spiritual Formation

This has been an exciting week because your Households of Faith came to proclaim our Friday Mass today.

As you well know, your children have been taking the ACT/Aspire test throughout the week. So we like to end this week with a special liturgy that is a “gift” to the students, allowing them to reflect on the grace of God in their lives. This year we were especially blessed because our Parents’ Club officers and members coordinated and proclaimed the Mass.

It was a most heartfelt experience to hear their words of prayer for their children and praise for God. In the opening statement, we heard this: “We are blessed and grateful that God called us to choose Saint James and the wonder teachers and staff here, and even more grateful for the gift he gave to us in each one of you. It is our hope that we fulfill our duties today during Mass as well as you do so beautifully throughout the year. It fills our hearts with pride and joy knowing that you all join together as a school family each week to celebrate.”

What a beautiful statement – it clearly defines St. James at its best as we fully embrace our responsibilities toward “our” children, as parents, clergy, teachers, and staff. How important it is to see our unique roles toward these young people and yet the power and, at the same time, the  value of coming together in the roles that God has invited us each to hold with these young people.

We have often heard the phrase “It takes a Village” relative to raising young people today. With all due respect to the author of that statement, I really think it takes a “parish”!

May God continue to bless our families. We are humbled to serve you.