Miss Nicole Thomas

4th Grade Teacher



Hello! My name is Nicole Thomas and this is my fourth year teaching at St. James School. I graduated from the University of Iowa and went on to obtain my Masters in Education from National Louis University. I am the Math teacher for the entire fourth grade class. As an educator I strive to challenge my students and to instill a love for learning in each of my students. I love spending time with my nephews, my family, and my dog, Lily. I also love to read, travel, cook, and listen to music. I am a dedicated Cubs, Blackhawks, Bears, and Bulls fan!


Homework Policy


I forgot my homework, what happens?
1 point is taken off the assignment and the assignment is to be completed during recess that day.

When is homework considered late?
Homework is to be turned in first thing in the morning (preferably before the bell), otherwise it is considered late.

When is departmental (science, math, reading) homework considered late?
Departmental homework is due at the start of each departmental class.

I missed a day (or days) of school, how much time do I have to make up my assignments?
The amount of days missed will be equivalent to the amount of days given to make up the assignment.




Week of 1/14/19

Wednesday, January 16th 

Math – Blue Group – MyMath pages 363 and 364. Green Group – MyMath pages 363 and 364. Yellow Group – MyMath 358 numbers 1 – 6 on graph paper. 

Language Arts – None 

Spelling – Extra Pattern Practice Worksheet 

Social Studies – None 

Religion – Session 17 CLOSED Book test tomorrow! Study! 


Tuesday, January 15th 

Math – Blue Group – MyMath pages 357 and 358. Green Group – MyMath pages 357 and 358. Yellow Group – Long Division Worksheet  

Language Arts – Double sided worksheet 

Spelling – Study your words

Social Studies – Review Questions pg. 117 numbers 1-6

Religion – Session 17 CLOSED Book test on Thursday 

Monday, January 14th 

Math – Blue Group and Green Group – Long Division Worksheet. Yellow Group – XtraMath – 10 minutes 

Language Arts – No homework 

Spelling – Context Clues Worksheet 

Social Studies – No homework 

Religion – A Special Meal Worksheet



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