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It’s not about me!  Truly my desire is to create a student-centered learning environment for the children.

That being said, for those who don’t know me:  I was born in January, 1965; Baptized at St. James in February of 1965; received First Holy Communion in 1972, from none other than Fr. Zavaski; didn’t practice our shared faith seriously until 1997 when I enrolled in the RCIA process at St. Mary/Buffalo Grove; Confirmed in 1998; married in 1998; heard a calling to the Permanent Diaconate and was accepted into the Diaconate Formation Program; Ordained by Cardinal George in 2004; assigned to St. Mary/Buffalo; and requested a transfer to St. James in 2008 to better serve the community in which we live (Arlington Heights).

Aside from my faith life (as if it’s possible to separate my faith from anything I do!), I am the ninth child in a family of ten; I served in the United States Marine Corps; I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational and Practical Arts Education (basically, a shop teacher) certified to teach in grades six through twelve; I was a flight instructor before becoming a Corporate Trainer and eventually a Stay-at-Home Dad to our four children (Senior, Junior, and Sophomore twins at Hersey); I was a substitute teacher in Arlington Heights School District 25 for five years; and earned a Subsequent  Elementary Endorsement to my Sixth through Twelfth grade teaching license from National Louis University.

My philosophy on education goes like this:

The most important reason to become a teacher is the students.  Children are the most important and valuable resource of any society.  To have a positive impact on the lives of children is a calling I have felt for quite a long time.  Focusing the talents I have been gifted with, and the experiences I have gained throughout life on children and young adults has been beneficial to them.  It is very rewarding to see the children that I have coached on athletic teams, led through Cub Scouts in elementary school, to Boy Scouts earning the rank of Eagle Scout, progress through their lives with great success.  Because I am involved in many facets of the community, I am able to provide an education to the children even outside of the formal classroom environment.  This enhances the positive effects I am able to have on those with whom I come in contact.

Well-educated children will become well-educated adults who positively contribute to the community in which they live.  Arlington Heights has been my home for almost my entire life.  As a productive member of this community, it is important for me to give back to this community.  Providing the children and young adults with a high-quality education will most certainly have a positive impact on the community.

The community in which children learn is the spring board for their entire lives.  Learning how to be a responsible and productive member of society, whether that be in a classroom or the town in which they live, young people will eventually have an impact on society at-large.  The children of this community will, because of the quality education they receive at St. James, have a positive impact on society in general.  And as the world has grown closer and more connected through the developments of technology, our children will play an even more important role in the world-wide society.

See you at Mass!


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B-pgs. 687-688; test Thursday

W-PEMDAS ‘B’ problems; PEMDAS three page worksheet, all 

B-pgs. 691-694; test Thursday

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