Literacy Resources

Math Resources

Inside Mathematics-CCS Resources Grade Five
Arthur Benjamin, Mathemagician Video
IXL Math Practice-20 free practice problems allowed per day free of charge worksheet practice and games
Khan Academy
Math Facts Cafe-create your own fact practice (multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction)
Mad Minute Printables-random or mixed, doubles, and 2-12 fact practice
Fun Brain-number games
A Maths Dictionary
Cool Math 4 Kids

Science Resources

Other Resources

Other Online Resources

Arlington Heights Memorial Library
Study Jams-Math and Science tutorials
Fun Brain-Grade Five
National Geographic for Kids
Sheppard Software-Lots of age appropriate activities in a variety of subjects
Wolfram Alpha-Homework Helper
Wonderopolis-Questions and Answers in a variety of subjects
The Kids Should See This-Amazingly interesting videos…must see!

Keyboarding Skills
Dance Mat Typing lessons tests games

Just Code It-Fifth grade
Just Code It-Angry Birds
Just Code It-Frozen

Invent, Create, Build

PBS Kids ZOOM Build-Buiding ideas
PBS Kids Golburger to Go-Rube Goldberg
Tom’s Trap-o-matic-Help Tom catch Jerry
PBS KIds ZOOM Sci-Build experiments
PBS Kids Cafe ZOOM-Cooking ideas (Get permission first, please!)
PBS Kids ZOOM Phenom-Unusual experiments projects and ideas
Qtechknow-Projects, tutorials, and ideas with electronics
MakeyMakey-Interesting projets!  Just check it out! 🙂 printing

ICTM Math Contest

St. James Math Club

St. James School Math Club
5th grade students who enjoy a good challenge and are interested in actively exploring math in our lives are invited to join the St. James School Math Club. 

Session #1 (Dates TBD) KenKen Puzzles
KenKen Puzzles
Session #2 (Dates TBD) Tessellations Paper Cut Method
Session #3 (Dates TBD) Cracking Ciphers/Secret Codes ciphers
Make and take secret codes
Session #4 (Dates TBD) Math and Your Body
Hop Like a Frog
Session #5 (Dates TBD) Probability “SKUNK”
The Game of SKUNK
Session #6 (Dates TBD) Pi and Math Magic
Math Facts- Kids Math Games Online
 Interesting Number Facts- Kids Math Games Online
What’s Special About this Number
Funny Math
Math’s Interesting Facts- Make Me a Genius
Session #7 (Dates TBD) Logic/Toothpick Puzzles
Toothpick Puzzles packet
Brain Teasers- Grade 5
APlus Click- Logic Questions
Puzzlers Paradise
Daily Dose Brain Teasers

All Math Club Meetings will take place from 12:20 to 12:40 in Deacon Hahn’s room (204).
Meeting #1 (October 30) KenKen
Meeting #2 (November 27) Tessellations
Meeting #3 (December 18) Cracking Ciphers/Secret Codes
Meeting #4 (January 29) Math and Your Body
Meeting #5 (February 26) Probability
Meeting #6 (March 19) Pi and Math Magic Tricks
Meeting #7 (April 30) Logic/Toothpick Puzzles

St. James Rocket Club

St. James Rocket Club
Join us as we learn all about Newton’s Third Law of Motion.  Demonstrate your understanding and observe how Newton’s Third Law of Motion works by building and launching your very own model rocket!

Newton in the Driver’s Seat-video
What Goes Up, Must Come Down-video
Flight Profile-pdf
Rocketry 101-video
Rocket Nomenclature-pdf
Yes, I Am a Rocket Scientist-video
Safety Rules by Joshua Brown-former Arlington Heights resident
These videos and diagrams, along with others can be found on the Estes Rockets website.

St. James Rocket Club flyer

Student Blog

Click here for the Student Blog site.

Book Recommendations

For Parents

Santa Rotary

Hi there,

In 2018 several of the SJS fifth-graders joined my Lovely Bride and I, and Mrs. Kelly and her husband, in a 5K run through downtown Arlington Heights.  We did this to help the Rotary Club in their endeavors to help other people.  That’s a cool thing…helping other people! 

Another cool thing is we all dress up like Santa Claus for the run!  Won’t you join us?  The link below is to the registration page.  Join our team…Great and Powerful Runners.  Race on, Santa!

Salute 5K



In late-August a couple SJS staff and their families got together to compete in a 5K obstacle course that raised money to battle Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Here are a couple of pictures from our competition.  Won’t you consider joining us in 2020?  Details regarding the registration process and website will be forthcoming in late-2019/early-2020.  Let’s get MUCKY!