Mrs. Mary Esquivel

Upper Grade Social Studies, Religion



I am motivated daily to instill a love of learning in my students.  I hope to challenge them while building a support system that fosters respect for all people.  As an educator, I want to empower my students to become culturally proficient and broaden their view of the world.  I hope to provide them with the tools to effectively interact with other cultures, to respond to issues that arise in diverse environments, and to act as responsible citizens.  Every day presents a new adventure; I look forward to the discoveries that will be made along the way.  I have gained many personal rewards from my profession, but the greatest of these are the relationships I have formed with my colleagues, with the parents, and, most importantly, with the young adults I teach.  There are so many intrinsic rewards in this profession, but I could not ask for any greater reward than to help my students overcome obstacles and succeed both in school and in their personal lives.


8th Grade Religion

Confirmation Program

Confirmation Info Form

Second Step Program

Ch.7 – Praise God in Worship

Ch.8 – Monasteries and Communities


8th Grade Social Studies (Mon-Thurs)

Ch.23 – World War I

8th Grade Social Studies (Friday)

News Literacy (Winter/Spring)


7th Grade Social Studies (Mon-Thurs)

Ch.12 – Manifest Destiny

7th Grade Social Studies (Friday)

Economics (Winter/Spring)


Constitution Tests

7th Grade – U.S. Constitution (Fall)

8th Grade – IL Constitution (Spring)


Prayer Buddies – Advent – 12.18.18



Geography Bee School Finals – 12.13.18



Confirmation Advent Retreat – 12.6.18



8th Grade Scholastic Bowl Team 2018