Mr. Mike Bilski

Upper Grade Language Arts & Reading



I have been a proud member of the SJS faculty since 2014. I began teaching in public schools in 2000 following a long stretch in corporate human resources.  My HR background taught me that we all have occasional problems, all problems have solutions, and that everyone has the need for an empathetic ear now and then.  My teaching experience has taught me that young people confront the same challenges, frustrations, and misunderstandings that adults do. All of us, no matter what our age or station in life, want and deserve respect and fairness, have a desire to be understood, crave continuous learning and new ideas, and seek opportunities to have fun and connect with others while we work and learn.

Here is the Bullet Point Bilski:

  • I am well-versed in the three R’s, but my teaching philosophy is based on the three L’s: Love them, laugh with them, and learn with them.
  • I have an undergraduate degree in English from the University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!).
  • I received a Masters of Education degree from National Louis University.
  • I am deeply in love with my Catholic faith and God.
  • My wife and I are longtime parishioners at St. James.
  • I currently head up the ambassador ministry to welcome new parishioners at St. James.
  • I have walked to and from school every day since I started at SJS.
  • I cling to the hope that there are dogs in heaven, because how can it be heaven with no dogs?
  • I have written and published nonfiction texts for an educational publisher.
  • I am a big fan of jazz, classic American songs, and opera (really).
  • I am living proof of the damage donuts can do.
  • I am humbled by and grateful for all the opportunities God has given me.


For any students who cannot access Google Classroom, please check the code.

Google Classroom Codes

Period 1 LA 8 kxippxd

Period 2 Reading 7 hqcrsgn

Period 3 LA 8 lcft3fw

Period 4 Reading 7 xrbpe7b

Period 5 Reading 2ioa2mb

Period 8 LA 7 jlrvips

Period 9 LA 7 gf2b7k5


8th Grade LA

  • Vocabulary Unit 12 March 11

  • Vocabulary Unit 12 Quiz March 12

7th Grade Reading

  • Reading Journal April 2 (T3 responses)

7th Grade LA

  • Vocabulary Unit 12 March 11

  • Vocabulary Unit 12 Quiz March 13


Honor Flight Chicago recognizes WW II, Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans with a day of honor and gratitude at their war memorials in Washington, D.C. One of the best parts of the day is a surprise Mail Call for the veterans on their return flight to Chicago. Each veteran receives a collection of letters read on the flight. 7th and 8th grade language arts students produced nearly 100 letters to send to Honor Flight!

Demonstrating how to create original emojis.


Teaching us how to make lemon ricotta cookies.

Ever wondered the best way to draw an eye step-by-step?

Students debating issues about wars and why we fight them, connecting a Revolutionary War novel to today’s world.