Mrs. Kerriann Kura

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My name is Kerriann Kura.  Some of my interests are sports, reading, and nature.  I received my B.S. in Biology from Marquette University.  I received my teaching certification in Early Childhood Education and my M.A. in Special Education from Northeastern Illinois University.

I love teaching at St. James!  Teaching at St. James allows me to provide a faith-based education to develop the whole child.  Teaching is fun and challenging because each child is unique and every lesson is a new adventure.  Students learn in different ways and follow different paths to success.  I am here to guide them and to help them develop a love of faith and life-long learning on their journey.


Read Aloud Ideas:

Read every day!  Read before bed, read during a sibling’s practice, or read together when you get home from work.  Find time to enjoy reading together.

Take turns choosing books.  When it’s your turn, try new titles and genres.  Pair fiction and nonfiction to encourage your child to talk about the text.  For example, read Goldilocks and the Three Bears, then read a nonfiction book about bears.  After reading the second book, look for ways that real bears are similar and different from the fictional bears in the story.

Include your child when reading aloud.  Let your child turn the pages or fill in words or sentences when they rhyme or are repeated.  Talk about the illustrations.  Have your child look at the pictures and predict what is going to happen before you read the page.  Take turns reading different parts or pages of the book.

Make it fun!  Use different voices for different characters.  Act out different parts of the story.  Substitute your child’s name for the main character and use family members’ or friends’ names for the other characters.

Read!!  Your child will love when you read aloud because it’s you!


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