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8th Grade Literature & 3-8th Grade Technology








SJS Book Club!

Next meeting is Monday, March 18 at 7:50am

For our next meeting, read False Prince by Jennifer Nielson. 
I invite readers to bring treats from the SJS approved food list to share with the group. Additionally, bring a book you’d like to suggest to the group for our next meeting.

Holocaust Unit Information

Click here for the BOTB List for 2018- 2019



Week of March 18-21

Week of March 11-15

  • Monday= Finish Lit. Devices worksheet in class. Short story “The Miracle Girl” due Monday, March 18. Quiz next Monday on Lit Devices.
  • Tuesday= “Mystery Photographer” quizlet due. Review Literary Devices.
  • Wednesday= Competitive game with “The Monkey’s Paw”
  • Thursday= BOTB check-in!
  • Friday= Study for Lit. Devices quiz on Monday, March 18.

Week of March 4- March 8

Week of February 25- March 1

Week of February 18- 22

  • Monday= NO SCHOOL!
  • Due Tuesday= Chapter 15 read and chapter 15 reflection. Click here.

Week of February 11- 15

  • Wednesday= Point of View quiz. Use these slides to study.
  • Due Thursday= Social Media Quizlet complete. Click here.


Week of February 4-8

Week of January 28- February 1: Catholic Schools Week!

  • Book Fair!! Period 4 is scheduled to go on Monday. Period 5 will go on Tuesday. Please bring any $$ you’d like to use to purchase books of your choice. **Our next unit will include a book of choice, so keep that in mind at the book fair.**
  • Due Monday 1/28 = Read “Information for Monday” email from Ms. Kenny
  • Due Tuesday 1/29 = Read chapter 12 (it’s long, so don’t wait to start it)

Week of January 7-11

  • Monday in class we took notes to prepare for our practice ACT ASPIRE writing tomorrow. If you missed class, please put these notes in your Reading Notebook under the notes section and title it “How to Write a Stellar ACT Response”. The slides presentation is here.
  • Book reports are due Thursday, January 17**changed from the 14th originally**
  • EXTRA CREDIT– print the rubric and bring it in with your completed book report to receive 5 extra credit points.

6th grade! Digital Footprints are due Tuesday, January 15. See the guidelines and rubric for details.

Week of Dec. 10-14

  • Due Monday Dec. 10= novel choice for Book Report #2 + Chapter 1-4 in Nothing but the Truth
  • Due Thursday= You notebook is ready for the December check. See the checklist here to ensure you have everything!
  • Thursday = our first BOTB check-in!

Week of Nov. 12- 16

Week of Oct. 15- 19

  • Chapter 4 reading and questions due Tuesday, Oct. 16

Week of Oct. 8 – 12

  • Chapter 3 reading and questions due Tuesday, Oct. 9
  • Quiz on Thursday, Oct. 11 over chapter 1-3

Week of Oct. 1- 5

  • Chapter 2 Questions due Tuesday, Oct. 2
  • Tech Class (period 3 only)- complete the exit ticket questions found here on your “Digital Media” doc.

Week of Sept. 24- 28

  • Chapter 1 Questions due Thursday, Sept. 27
    • Chapter 1 here
    • Chapter 1 questions here
  • Notebook Check on Monday, Oct. 1.

Week of Sept. 10- 14

  • Bring an independent reading book to class everyday! 
  • Arlington Heights Memorial Library is coming to class on Monday, Sept. 17 for a book talk on Biographies/ Autobiographies to share a variety of great reads. You’ll be able to check one out, so be sure to bring your AHML library card to class! This is in preparation for our book reports, which will be introduced on Thursday 9/12.

Week of Sept. 3- 7

  • Bio Poems completed and printed by Thursday, Sept. 6
  • “I Am” poems must be shared by Friday, Sept. 7
  • Bring an independent reading book to class Wednesday & Thursday this week!

8th Reading Homework

2018- 2019 School Year Begins!

8th Reading- Week of 5/1:
  • Week 5 materials are due Wednesday, May 9. This include: your section of reading, analysis questions, and literature circle role.
    • The Boy Who Dared pages 167- 190 + Week 5 Questions
    • The Book Thief pages 459 – 550 + Week 5 Questions
    • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas pages 186- 216 (author’s note optional) + Week 5 Questions
    • **Instead of eliminating Q.S. for Wk 5, I will give one extra credit point for each properly formatted Q.S.**
  • Book Thief Permission Form Click Here– due Friday, May 11
  • Striped Pajamas Permission Form Click Here– due Friday, May 11

8th Reading- Week of 4/23
  • Week 4 materials are due Wednesday, May 2. This include: your section of reading, analysis questions, and literature circle role.
  • Wednesday = Quiz review followed by a work day
  • Thursday = No class due to the Holocaust Museum
  • Friday= Quiz then work time

8th Reading- Week of 4/16
  • Week 3 materials are due Tuesday, April 24. This includes: your section of reading, analysis questions, and literature circle role.

8th Reading- Week of 4/9
  • Week 2 materials are due Tuesday, April 17. This include: your section of reading, analysis questions, and literature circle role.

8th Reading- Week of 4/3
  • Tuesday= Welcome back! Discuss new unit, review due dates, listen to Eli Weisel audio, reflection.
  • Wednesday= work day on Holocaust unit reading & questions
  • Thursday= Annotations discussion & work
  • Friday= Work on nature quizlet
  • DUE Monday, April 9 week 1 reading & questions
8th Reading- Week of 3/19
  • Monday= review day. Need extra practice? Try this passage!
  • Tuesday= Figurative language quiz
  • Wednesday= Get new book for Holocaust unit + Week 1 reading assignment (due 4/9).

Week 1 Assignments= due Monday, April 9

8th Reading- Week of 3/12
  • Week 5 Reading assignment= pages 130-165/ END (or 35 pages) and identify your novel’s theme! In addition, complete the work on this slides presentation. Reading & Work due Monday, March 19
  • QUIZ over literary devices on Tuesday, March 20. Study: personification, symbolism, metaphor, simile, imagery, foreshadowing, tone, point of view, setting, characterization, static  & dynamic characters, and opening lines (mini-lesson).
  • Monday= Review homework + reading for the week; go over quizlet answers
  • Tuesday= Discuss theme, foreshadowing, & personification in this slide presentation
  • Wednesday= Stations work w/ lit. devices
  • Thursday= BOTB check-in with Mrs. Furmanski and Mrs. Hartman
  • Friday =  Figurative language practice worksheet.
8th Reading- Week of 3/5
  • Week 4 Reading assignment= pages 100-130 (or 30 pages) and identify symbolism & tone. Complete the work on the shared doc or write it in your reading notebook. Instructions are all on this doc.
  • Reading Notebook Check on Thursday, March 8. See the doc here to ensure you have everything. All work must be titled and dated.
  • Monday= finish reading the short story “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacob’s for Tuesday’s class.
  • Tuesday= literary device scavenger hunt
  • Wednesday= symbolism (introduce) and tone (review) notes and examples. Slides presentation here.
  • Thursday= Quizlet “A Separate Peace”
  • Friday =  Work Time
8th Reading- Week of 2/25
  • Reading assigned for this week → read pages 65- 100 for Monday, March 5th (or 35 pages)
  • Complete hard copy work pages about your characters’ development  → due Monday, March 5. Click here for digital version.
    • Complete pages 1 & 2 for two characters, and page 3 from the perspective of one character.
  • Tuesday’s Class = notes on character development. The slides presentation that students took notes on is here.
  • Wednesday’s Class = reading and character development worksheet work day
  • Thursday’s Class= Reading a quizlet together & then students will work with a partner to complete the questions
  • Friday’s Class= station work with Reader’s Workshop
7th Letter (click here) to be signed for tomorrow, Friday 2/23
8th Reading- Week of 2/12 *updated*
  • Read your novels daily! This week, read 35 pages by Friday, and complete the Reader’s Journal (here) as you read. Come to class Friday with your reading and notes complete.
  • You may complete the journal on paper or digitally. Your notes may be bullet points or short phrases.
  • Due Friday= Reader’s journal (a few bullet points or notes for characters and plot elements) + 35 pages of reading + opening lines HW
Snow day! 8th reading classes, please continue to read your independent novels for Reader’s Workshop over the weekend. Enjoy the extra day!
8th Reading Upcoming Due Dates:
8th Reading Updates:
8th Reading:

1/10 class: read chapter 10 in class; finish for Friday, January 12. Audio available by clicking here.

6th Tech:

Digital Footprint project due Tuesday, January 16

Quizlet due Thursday, January 11
Reading HW 12/18
  • THERE HAS BEEN A CHANGE— You no longer have to finish chapter 8 for HW Monday night. We will finish reading chapter 8 as a class on Tuesday, Dec. 19. Reading questions can be finished in class and will be due at the end of the period.
  • Answer 2 essay questions from this list. These are due Wednesday, Dec. 20.
  • Quizlet: “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrockdue Thursday, January 11 (week after we come back from break).
Reading HW due 12/12

Complete chapter 6 questions for Wednesday.

Test corrections due Friday.

If you didn’t finish the exit ticket, please complete these questions:  What is the mood of chapter 6? Is there one mood for the whole chapter? Provide one piece of textual evidence to support your answer. Evidence may be a direct quote or paraphrased.

Reading HW 12/11

Read chapter 6 and annotate with post-its. Chapter 6 questions due Wednesday.

Reading HW due Monday 12/11

Quizlet here. Answers may be on loose leaf, in your reading notebooks, or digital.

Those of you out for NJHS Wednesday, the following assignments are due Thursday 12/07:
1) Bellringer Question: Title your notebook entry “Bellringer 12/06”. 
You may use your text to answer this question in 5-7 complete sentences. At least one quote sandwich is required.
Why is Utterson so curious about the relationship between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? What events or conversations in the story have developed Utterson’s curiosity? 

2) Chapter 5 Questions

3) See your classmates for notes to complete your character charts. You may help each other! This will be good study material for Friday.

Study guide for chapter 1-5 quiz on Friday, Dec 8
Reading HW 12/1:

Complete this compare & contrast table on loose leaf or in your reading notebook. Use only what we’ve read so far to help you complete the table (chapters 1-3). Due Monday 12/4

Reading HW 11/28:

Periods 4 & 5- Complete chapter 2 questions by Thursday. Read chapter 3 by Friday. In case you missed it, here’s the slides presentation about annotations we covered in class 11/28. Make sure you bring post-it notes everyday for the remainder of our novel.


Reading HW 11/27:
Periods 4 & 5- Read chapter 2 in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Also, I forgot to mention, but please bring *small* post-it notes tomorrow for our lesson on annotations.


Reading HW: Notebook Check 11/16

Make sure your notebooks are in order and ready to be left in the bin on Friday. You will not get any class time to organize your notebooks. The following assignments will be a part of your notebook grade, totaling 130 pts. Make sure everything is titled and dated. Email me with any questions!

Title Date Points
Bellringers Weeks  5-10 Varies 30 pts.
Bellringers Weeks 5-10 Graded Varies 30 pts.
Movie clip small group work 10/3 10 pts.
Fr. Dan Qs and notes 10/25- 10/26 10 pts.
Fr. Dan Reflection 10/27 10 pts.
In-text citation notes 11/06- 11/07 10 pts.
Theme trees 11/08- 11/13 (multi day work) 10 pts.
Magi theme paragraph 11/16 10 pts.
Quizlet 11/15 10 pts.