Week of September 16:

  • Read short story “Eleven“. Annotate & questions (shared on Classroom) due Tuesday, Sept. 16.
  • Book Report will introduced Tuesday. Due Thursday, October 25.
  • Read short story “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”.
  • Discuss and watch a PBS documentary about Maya Angelou’s childhood.
  • Read and annotate “Caged Bird” poem. Compare to Paul Lawrence Dunbar’s “We Wear Masks.”

Week of August 25:

  • Grandparent/ Special Person Interview— due Friday, Aug. 30
  • I Am Poem slides presentation– rough draft due Sept. 4
  • Sensory Word List for Imagery Lesson
  • Imagery in Writing classwork, examples, and HW page
  • Bio Poem guidelines— due Wednesday, Sept. 4

Summer Reading for Incoming 8th Graders- click here. Need an example? Click here.