Mrs. Jessica Granato

3rd Grade Teacher



My name is Mrs. Jessica Granato and I am thrilled to say that I have been teaching third grade here at St. James School for five years! In addition to my experience with third grade, I also have experience working with special education and ESL populations. These experiences inspired me to continue my education after I graduated from North Park University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. I continued my education at North Park University for my Special Education LBSI endorsement and National Louis University for my English as a Second Language endorsement. In addition to these two endorsements, I also hold a Social Sciences endorsement. This summer I was thrilled to graduate from National Louis University with a Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. I love to learn and value education as a lifelong experience. I hope to instill this value in my students!


Click the link below to access our Digital Poetry Books! 

Third Grade Digital Poetry Books 2019

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, June 3: 50 States and Capitals Challenge!; Concert Rehearsal; Battle of the Books 15 Book Celebration; Marble Reward
  • Tuesday, June 4: End of the Year Picnic (grades 3-5)
  • Wednesday, June 5: End of the Year Concert @ 2:30 pm in PC; Class Picnic Lunch
  • Thursday, June 6: Mass; Last Day of School- 10:30am Dismissal


Students should be studying their region nightly as a part of their homework. They can utilize resources that are in their Home Folder and the links on my website. 


Newsletter 5.17.19


What happens if I forget my homework or forget to do/complete my homework?
1 point is taken off the assignment and the assignment is to be completed during recess that day.  A homework notice will go home notifying parents that the student stayed in.  Homework Notices must be returned the following day and signed by both the parent and student.

When is homework considered late?
Homework is to be turned in first thing in the morning (preferably before the bell), otherwise it is considered late.

I missed a day (or days) of school, how much time do I have to make up my assignments?
The amount of days missed will be equivalent to the amount of days given to make up the assignment.

Where can I pick up absent work?
Absent work can be picked up in the SJS office by 3:30pm.


Incoming 3rd Grade Summer Reading (Wild About Reading)

Third graders are expected to read at least 20 minutes daily. This can be independently, with a parent/family member, on audio book, etc. When a reading log is assigned, please help your child to fill out the worksheet. Students turn these in on Monday mornings and at that time, will receive a new reading log for the week.

Every two weeks, students will be given a set of 5-6 vocabulary words. We will be completing an activity in class each day with these words. After the two weeks, students will be tested on these words. Students should utilize the vocabulary word/definition list that is in their Home Folder Bring Back side to study. Students can also use the Quizlets to practice.

The students will be completing Simple Solutions lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays while we will utilize Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for Rocket Math. Incomplete Simple Solutions lessons from morning work and math class will go home as homework. I kindly ask that you help your child and remind them that practicing fact fluency is a daily assignment– even if it is orally practicing a few problems in the car while driving to soccer practice. In third grade we begin with two addition and subtraction Rocket Math rounds in order to review those skills. Once individual goals have been reached, students will move onto multiplication rounds.

If you are looking for ways to practice fact fluency, I recommend the following strategies:

  • Rocket Math app
  • Math Cards app
  • Oral practice
  • Flash cards
  • IXL or Xtra Math
  • Use of old Rocket Math worksheets 

In third grade, we continue to build on handwriting/cursive skills that were developed in second grade. As we all have finished handwriting books, students are now completing a majority of classwork, homework, and projects in cursive. 

When religion quizzes are approaching, students are encouraged to access the “Finding God” website and complete the given “Interactive Game”. I offer all students who complete these games during quiz week an extra credit point on the open-book assessment. If completing the game, please be sure that my email is entered so that I can receive confirmation of completion. Should you ever experience issues with email input, please feel free to send me an email, note, or screenshot of the activity.

***Please be sure to check your child’s assignment notebook daily. They will write down their homework assignments each morning upon arrival. 


Making blankets for kids in the hospital! (Project Linus)



Halloween Fun!! (Party & Break Out Challenge with Mrs. Zebron)


Students worked collaboratively on a Native American tribe research project. 


Third graders had a blast at The Grove for their Native Americans field trip on Oct. 9! We were able to see a Longhouse, learn about ceremonies, experience Native American games, go on a nature walk, and create crafts!



Our class participated in Mass on Friday, Oct. 5. The kids did a wonderful job fulfilling the roles of readers and gift bearers!

Students researched various types of hazardous weather and designed possible solutions that would help reduce the negative impacts on the world. 

The students enjoyed practicing two foundational skills of science: making observations and asking questions. We had a blast participating in a Mystery Science Curiosity Challenge!