Mrs. Eileen Kirk

Sixth Grade



Welcome to my page!

St. James’ mission to empower every learner to achieve personal excellence while growing in faith and love represents my motivation for working in Catholic school and the reason I am so excited to be a part of the St. James community. I believe that every student should be nurtured to reach his or her full potential through faith, excellence, leadership, and service to prepare for success in high school and beyond. My goal is to prepare students to become leaders and change the world. By capitalizing on the rich tradition of excellence, we can give students a strong foundation and the most cutting-edge strategies and resources to position them well for their promising futures.

I attended Catholic school my entire life. It began at Our Lady of Destiny grade school, moving to Resurrection High School, and on to The University of Dayton for undergrad. Currently, I am completing my MA in Educational Leadership at the University of Dayton Faith is such an integral part of my schooling, and I am very blessed to be able to continue that in my career. This will be my 11th year as an educator with 5 years in public school, and now, this will begin my 6th in Catholic.

I have a wonderful husband, Steve, and we have been married for 8 years. I have two amazing children, Bobby and Liliana. Bobby is a 1st grader here at St. James, and Liliana will start here next year for PreK4. We also have an adorable West Highland Terrier dog named Monty. We are all so happy to be a part of the St. James community!


12/2: 1st Sunday of Advent

12/3: Pizza with a Purpose

12/5: Christmas Collection

12/6: St Nicholas Day

12/7: Mass

12/8: Cookies with Santa

12/9: 2nd Sunday of Advent

12/14: Mass

12/14: Mass

12/17: Spiritwear

12/20: All School Christmas Show

12/21: Class Christmas Party and Early Dismissal

12/22-12/31: Christmas Break


Wednesday, 1/16:

Reading: Reader response 48 on p. 85 if not complete in class

ELA: Vocabulary Unit 8 due tomorrow (test Friday)

Social Studies: None, but 5.3 quiz Friday

Tuesday, 1/15:

Reading: None

ELA: None (vocab unit 8 due Thursday)

Social Studies: None (gods/goddess project due Monday)

Monday, 1/14:

Reading: Reader response 47 on pg. 85 in your composition book if you did not finish in class

Ch. 8 questions if you did not finish in class today:

1. How does Billy feel when hunting season opens? What events in your life make you feel the same way? (AM – justify with good evidence from the story)

2.What is your first clue that Little Ann and Old Dan are great hunting dogs? (TS)

3. When the dogs trap the raccoon in the old sycamore tree, Billy cuts ”the giant” down. Do you agree with his decision? Why or why not? (AM – justify with good evidence from the story)

ELA: Vocab unit 8 due Thursday

Social Studies: 5.3 vocabulary index cards if not completed in class


Vocabulary Workshop

Unit 8 Book Due: Thursday, 1/17

Unit 8 Test: Friday, 1/18



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