Mrs. Christine Trausch

Art 3rd-8th grade/Religion Upper Grades




Thank you to our very generous Parents Club for our new kiln! The 7th graders were thrilled to be the first to benefit from this new addition to our classroom!


– 7th Grade Religion

  • January 22 – Vocabulary Test – Unit 3
  • January 21 – REVIEW for Vocabulary Test – Be Prepared
  • January 17 – (This is Thursday – because of the Ski Trip) SS Journal: How is communicating through social media different than speaking to people face-to-face or on the phone? (MEL_Con Format)
  • January 11 – JOURNAL: Why should we go out of our way to show kindness to others? (MEL-Con Format)
  • December 19 – SS JOURNAL – If you see bullying happening, what are three things you can do to be part of the solution? (MEL-Con Format)
  • December 11 – DECISION POINT: WB 62, 67, 73, 78, 81, 84
  • November 30 – Liturgical Calendar worksheet 
    SS JOURNAL – What is an ally? What are three skills you have that would make you a good ally? (MEL-Con Format)
  • November 8 – SS JOURNAL – When solving a problem, what are three reasons why it is important to analyze the situation? (MEL-Con Format)
  • November 2 – DECISION POINT: WB 34, 38, 42, 47, 52, 55 (https://dynamiccatholic.com/confirmation)
  • October 30 – (Tuesday) – PARABLE PROJECT – Parable Project_Rubric / List of 46 Parables
  • October 25 – (This is Thursday. I want to hand these back to you on Friday – project due October 30)
    Use bullet points for this assignment!
    – Briefly describe a modern-day situation you will use for your project to teach this same lesson.
    – List the characters that will be in your parable (use characters that are familiar to you in your modern-day life.)
    – What is the setting of your parable? (use a setting that is familiar to you and your peers)
  • October 19 – Use bullet points for this assignment!
    – Choose parable (from list provided) that you have chosen to use for this project (Include Gospel Chapter:Verse)
    – Briefly describe the lesson Jesus is trying to teach in this parable. (only write a few sentences)
    – Briefly describe a modern-day situation that could be used to teach this same lesson.
  • October 12 – SECOND STEP JOURNAL – Identify one of the respectful disagreement skills you’d like to work on, and explain 3 reasons why. (MEL-Con format) These Respectful Disagreement Skills include: 1. Keep calm, 2. Use active listening, 3. Consider the other person’s perspective, 4. Explain your perspective clearly, 5. Act nonjudgmentally
  • October 5 – JOURNAL – State and explain 3 ways others have shown kindness to you. (MEL-Con format)
  • October 2 – DECISION POINT: WB 5, 11, 17, 18, 22, 25, 28 (https://dynamiccatholic.com/confirmation)
  • September 28 – Rewrite SECOND STEP JOURNAL (see prompt below) Be careful to answer the question.
  • September 21 – SECOND STEP JOURNAL: Name a situation in which you interact with others (such as playing on a team, working in a group at school, planning an activity with your friends, etc.). Describe how active listening, respecting others’ ideas, and including everyone will be helpful in that situation.
  • September 14 – JOURNAL: If you were to briefly describe Jesus to someone who had never heard of Him, what would you say?  How could you briefly explain Him?
    *Journal response should be more than a half page and should be written in cursive.
  • September 7 – Bookmark –
    Decorate both sides with:
    1. Trinity Symbols
    2. Words of prayer, scripture, or inspiration.
  • August 31 –  Parent Letter-2018 signed and turned in.
  • August 31 – Journal – Reflect on and answer the following questions:  How do you pray? In what ways do you prepare yourself to pray? (place, environment, music? quiet? with others? alone? Etc.)
    *Journal response should be more than a half page and should be written in cursive.