Ms. Caroline Macius




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I graduated from Saint Mary’s College in Indiana. I was involved all throughout my campus during my four years of college. I played varsity basketball, volunteered, and participated in several clubs. I student taught in a first grade classroom, but also student observed in a sixth grade classroom, a kindergarten classroom, and another first grade classroom. 

This is my first year at St. James and first year teaching! I am teaching 6th grade science and ELA in the afternoons, but I will also be working with the LLI program (first through third grades) in the mornings.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Let’s have a great year and ‘Find a Way’!

-Ms. Macius


Students were introduced to our Google Classroom, where I will be uploading activities for class and homework.

How to access Google Classrooms to help your student…. Go to their Gmail account and click on the extra applications on the right. Then there should be one for Google Classrooms. All of the assignments will be assigned on this page. 

Students are all connected to GC and Pearson online.


6th grade Jingle off- the two sixth grade homerooms will compete in a Jingle Off using some of their skills they have learned in ELA!



6th & 7th Period Science:

Homework: (10/15 – 10/18)

Monday- No School

Tuesday- Read Chapter 3, Lesson 1 (complete reading checks & highlight) 

Wednesday- Read pages 110 -115  6th period             Lesson 1 check (chapter 3) 7th Period 

Thursday- No homework 

Friday- Read Lesson 2, Chapter 3 for Monday 

9th Period Language Arts:

Homework: (10/15 – 10/18)

Monday- No school 

Tuesday- brainstorm ideas for the Northwestern Essay and bring ideas tomorrow (use your prompt sheet)

*****final copy of Narrative due October 16th****

Wednesday- Work on Northwestern Essay (introduction paragraph)  

Thursday- Practice with Shurley 

Friday- Final Copy of Northwestern Essay due November 4th 


Our first Science activity: building a bridge from one point to another point using different materials.