Mrs. Andrea Chandler

7th Grade Teacher



Welcome to Mrs. Chandler’s classroom! (previously Miss Schneider)

I am excited to begin my fourth year at St. James School!  I enjoy guiding students to a deeper understanding of Pre-Algebra and Algebra concepts.  Along with this, I think middle school minds are fascinating and enjoy getting to know each student.

I am a graduate of St. James School, St. Viator, and Marquette University.  I have a double major in Education and Mathematics.  I love that I am able to use both my degrees in this position!






How to study for Math:

  1. Complete practice problems!!  There may be times when you need to memorize properties or definitions.  This might be a time to use notes or flashcards to study.  Usually when you study for math, you want to complete practice problems so you know what to expect and how to solve the problems you might see on your upcoming quiz or test.
  2. Depending on your textbook, I usually give evens or “homework practice” for homework.  I do this so that students have a place to practice before quizzes and tests.  Students who get evens for homework can practice the odds before a test or quiz and check their answers in the back of the book.  Students who have an “extra practice” page can complete extra problems here and check their odds in the back and any additional questions needed with me during homeroom.
  3. Chapter Reviews – each textbook has a chapter review after the chapter.  Students can complete these or any other practice quizzes and tests the textbook includes.  Feel free to ask for answer keys to any of these practice problems and remember the odds are in the back.

7th Grade Math Homework

7th Grade November Homework

Pd1: MA Ch 3 Study Guide Answers

Simple Solutions Lessons 21-22 due Friday 11/16
No Simple Solutions due the week of Thanksgiving

Monday 11/12:
Pd 1
– pg. 129 #14-36 even;   Ch 3 Test Wednesday
Pd 4 – pg. 180-181 #2-36 even; Ch 4 Test Wednesday
Pd 5 – pg. 213-214 #1-7; Ch 3.1-3.5 Quiz Wednesday

8th Grade Math Homework

8th Grade November Homework

Pd6: Ch 9 Study Guide Answers
Pd7: Alg Ch 5 Practice Quiz KEY
Pd8: Alg Ch 6 Practice Test KEY

Simple Solutions Lessons 21-22 (83-84) due Friday 11/16
No Simple Solutions due the week of Thanksgiving

Monday 11/12:
Pd 6 – Ch 9 Study Guide; Ch 9 Test Wednesday
Pd 7 – pg. 301 #18-36 even; Ch 5.1-5.3 Quiz Wednesday
Pd 8 – pg. 374 #14-26 even; Ch 6 Test Thursday

8th Grade Religion Homework

Confirmation lesson 8 this week

Religion Book Study Resource