As Catholics who are living the faith, especially at this most sacred time of year, I would urge you spend some time each day in family faith enrichment. While Holy Week begins, Sunday, April 14, each week of Lent has been special and led us to Holy Week. The culmination of that week is the Triduum and the Resurrection.  To be blessed most deeply by this, the essence of our faith, it is necessary to intentionally be with Christ throughout Lent and especially during Holy Week. One good way to do this is to gather your family and come together with Christ in your heart by sharing the Scripture for this week.

This may be challenging in some ways as the readings for this coming week become more difficult to hear as we move toward the Passion of Christ. Yet it is a very teachable time for our families as we all face difficult times in our own lives. Seeing how Christ faced this time and how his faith in God never wavered is a gift we must give one another.

This past year, we have been immersed in another living experience of the meaning of Christ’s passion, death and Resurrection. It is a building, but it is much more than that. It is our renovated church. Throughout the last year the decision that had been made previously to enlarge our church so as to have a new room to grow with Christ, as we grow our community, became a reality. Much like the challenges Christ faced, our parish suffered with the loss of familiar and much loved worship space, where many encountered the presence of Christ.

But I think it no coincidence that, as the fence came down in front of the church, the last message on the parish sign, prior to construction, said “Christ is risen, alleluia” . Indeed it has been almost a year to the day that construction started and finished. A renovated worship space has risen, built on a design that enhances, not obliterates, the existing structure.

If you were in the church at this morning’s liturgies, I am sure you felt the presence of Christ in a very personal and unique way. That is what we are called to in the Resurrection.

May our relationships in our family and in our faith community allow us to truly know this – as it is the reality of God.