Spring is the season of standardized tests, and the job of helping students perform to the best of their ability falls to parents and teachers. It is important to be supportive of our children’s efforts on standardized tests, and to help them do their best.

Mrs. McGowan’s Testing Tips:

Before the test:

  • Get a good night’s sleep. Try to maintain a regular bedtime. Putting away electronic devices an hour or so before bedtime allows your body to prepare for sleep.
  • Get ready the night before. This includes making your lunch and your snack, setting your clothes out, and packing your backpack.
  • Think about leaving for school a few minutes earlier than usual. Testing starts at 9:00, it is easier to start the day if you are not in a hurry!


In the morning:

  • Eat a healthy, protein rich breakfast. If you are allowed a snack, make a good choice. Fruits, proteins and whole grains are ideal. Avoid sugary snacks. Drinking water is essential to keep you hydrated and focused.


Before the test begins:

  • Take a few moments before the test to belly breathe. This is a good way to calm your body down and allow your ‘thinking brain’ to take over.
  • Positive self talk is another technique that Second Step emphasizes. Thinking ‘I can do this’ is more positive that ‘I am not going to do well’.


During the test:

  • Remember to read the directions carefully
  • Fill in the bubbles completely
  • Check and make sure you answered all of the questions
  • Make sure you answered all of the parts of the questions
  • Read all of the choices before you pick the best answer
  • Check your answers
  • If you finish before time is up, go over the test, and review your answers
  • Make sure there are no questions left blank


Do your best!