Did you  know that the sixth graders went to Greece this week?
Students took a virtual field trip to Greece on Wednesday via Skype!
Corinth Excavations Educator, Katie Petrole, who manages the archaeological collection and its use in educational resources, shared photos and stories about the site, museum, and the actual excavation. Corinth Excavations is an American archaeological excavation and research center for the study of the Greek world from antiquity to the present day. As part of this  innovative project funded by the Steinmetz Family Foundation, she developed lesson plans from an active archaeological excavation in Greece. Her lesson for SJS students provided the stories behind artifacts they have studied, meeting key curriculum standards for students. Ms. Petrole has led over 200 educational programs (including Skypes) for more than 6,161 people from 36 countries, and counting. Students viewed images  of gods and goddesses, the Temple of Apollo, Acrocorinthe, and the Peirene Fountain.  
Hands were flying in the air with questions. Sixth graders felt like international travelers through this international experience!