Once again this year we have the opportunity to share our blessings with those less fortunate. Through our “Sandwich Ministry” the hungry in the Chicago metropolitan area are given healthy food to eat.  On designated days any family that is able is asked to prepare a lunch and bring it to school using the distributed brown bag or any you have at home.  The lunches are collected at school and delivered to homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and food pantries as well as to less fortunate individuals and families that same day by a volunteer school mom, Mrs. Sarah Whelan.  Lunch bags are provided in the prior week’s Friday folder.  The menu is attached to the bag you will receive.  You can also CLICK HERE to see the menu items requested.


As you may know, “Sandwich Ministry” was inspired by “Uncle Pete”.  Although Uncle Pete is not with us anymore, his spirit will certainly live on as we continue feeding the hungry and helping those in need.


Our first Sandwich Ministry Day for this year is Thursday, November 15.  Participation is not obligatory, but if you can help, please do so.  Look for the brown lunch bag in the Friday Folder on Thursday, November 8. If you would like to prepare more than one lunch, any brown bag will do.  On Thursday, November 15, students should bring the lunches to their homerooms and place them in the large boxes that are provided for this purpose.  Upper grade students then collect the boxes and load them in the van for distribution.


Thank you for your generosity!  And as Uncle Pete would say, “God Bless”.