Senorita Tomko’s Spanish students learned about the November 2 feast of All Souls’ Day or El Dia de los Muertos. This celebration originated in central and southern Mexico hundreds of years ago and is still celebrated by Latinos today. The main memorial piece of the ofrenda. The students’ ofrenda is displayed in the Gathering Space this weekend!
An ofrenda  is a collection of traditional objects placed on a ritual altar  created to honor the dead.  Students contributed meaningful photographs and symbolic flowers, calaveras (sugar skulls), bread, and candles, all joyously decorated with papel picados (papers cut into beautiful and elaborate designs). Honoring the dead on all Souls’ Day is an important tradition within the Catholic church.
In addition to the personal contributions to the ofrenda, students and staff completed a Book of Remembrance listing friends and family who have died. They are remembered with love on this special day.