Last week, I told you about the Archdiocesan Summit that was dedicated to renewing the Church in Chicago, even as other Catholic churches throughout the world are undertaking this work in various ways.

Admittedly, that is significant work on a very large scale. So what does that mean to us as families of St. James? While we are taking part in the Archdiocesan renewal, as appropriate, for our parish (information on this will be disseminated by the parish), as families we can have our own impart on renewing the church by renewing our families.

I do not think it is a coincidence that this renewal process is getting underway in October. Why?  Because October is one of two months dedicated to Mary and I think Mary has a very important place in the renewal of the Church. After all, she is the Mother of Jesus, the one who makes it possible for us to be in relationship to God.

Here is what I suggest you do. Offer the rosary as a family, for the renewal not only of the Church but for that of your family. Many of us and our family members have been impacted by the challenges in the Church. But remember, we are the Church and to the extent that we participate in this process of renewal as families, the renewal of the church will be successful.

October is a very important month for us for this reason. It is one of two dedicated to Mary and the Rosary. As you know, the decades of the Rosary are collected under certain themes relative to Christ’s life including the Joyful mysteries, the Sorrowful mysteries, the Glorious mysteries,  and since, 2002, the Luminous mysteries.

Reflecting on the life of Christ, through the Rosary, reminds us that He shared the simple joys of family with His mother, Joseph and other family members, and that Mary was with him at the most unbearable time in His life.

Mary is with us through our joys and challenges and surely she is with us as we move forward with renewing Her Son’s presence in the world today. But we must ask her to inspire us by reflecting on her life with and in Christ.

Pray the Rosary as a family and we will all experience Her son, present among us in all his glory!