I have spoken with many parents about the topic of homework challenges. Whether the challenge is procrastination, disorganization, or the failure to turn the completed homework, life after school hours can be stressful for everyone. I wanted to share some strategies from The Kid Organizer (

First, establish a homework zone. Many children like to be near an adult so they can have homework questions answered quickly. This makes the kitchen or dining room a good choice.

Second, set up the homework zone. It is best to have all needed school supplies (paper, art supplies etc)  nearby. Consider adding a divider to help separate areas if more than one child is using the zone.

Use headphones. As some children are sensitive to noise and are easily distracted, the use of headphones with either soft music or white noise playing can be helpful.

Limit Internet use. Although many older students need the internet for homework, social media can be a large distraction. Some apps (for example: offtime, Moment, flipd, Freedom, AppBlock) can be installed to eliminate distractions for a set period of time.

Use a file box. This strategy is one my daughters use consistently. Purchase a portable file box to contain loose papers. Hang file folders for each subject. Have your child put papers that he/she no longer needs in the folders; saving them for midterm or final exam review.

Reminders. Digital calendars are great for those who are tech savvy. Post It calendars are my favorite way to organize and are good for those who are more visual. Post the calendar where your child can see it. Write tasks on the post it notes, and discard when the task is completed.

Helping to develop positive attitudes toward homework will help get schoolwork completed. If you need suggestions for helping your child with homework please reach out!