St. James’ students and teachers are feeling a new excitement centered around science as the 2018-2019 school year is now well underway. Elevate Science is a comprehensive K–8 science program, including a blended print and digital curriculum. It incorporates real-world topics that are relevant to students’ lives, student-centered investigations, and problem-based learning that promotes application and student understanding.

The program adds tremendous depth to the SJS curriculum! Teachers are very excited to have their own classroom materials kits for hands-on labs, leveled readers, consumable workbooks for the students, and the wealth of resources available to them through our license to the Pearson online portal.

Our curriculum is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Elevate Science includes visuals that are stimulating for students. It has a ton of resources for teachers and students (teaching videos, content related interactive assignments, hands-on labs, virtual labs, etc) and incorporates one of our professional development goals of considering Depth of Knowledge for formative and summative assessments. The program aligns with SJS’s goal to differentiate instruction by offering activities for lower and higher level learners within each lesson, utilizes higher order thinking skills, and has many hands-on activities built right in. These are all things that our previous curriculum was lacking. Because of these new components, teachers are seeing that their students are more excited about learning science than ever before.

Elevate Science connects Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in every topic K-8. The STEM activities are helping to create St. James students that are problem solvers, collaborators, reasoners, and innovators, all of which are skills needed for success in high school and future careers. The new curriculum also integrates Literacy and Mathematics Standards which in turn helps students think, read, write, and talk about science. Teachers are excited to see results in all disciplines because of this level of integration. And we are grateful to have been able to invest significant funds to this program for our students through parents’ generous support of SJS!