FROM THE DESK OF MRS. FARRELL, Director of Spiritual Formation

The countdown has begun – 5,4,3, 2, 1…SCHOOL’S OUT! Ah for those lazy, laid back days of summer.

But we live in a culture where a phrase like that has little meaning. Many will go from very rigorous school and work schedules to even more rigorous, but self-imposed, rigorous schedules. I know that many of us have little control of demands of work and family and very necessary commitments. But one thing I teach – and more importantly- have learned from our students, is that God comes first.

Many of you know that we have a wonderful program “early’ Wednesday mornings, called “Bible Study”. This program is open to upper level students. This is a wonderful opportunity for these young people to study the Bible in a way that is meaningful to them. While we often let them choose what books of the Bible we study, we use the regular standard Bible text, approved by the Catholic Church, read passages, reflect on them and most of all, guide the students to see the meaning of the Bible at their age. Hopefully, this is a habit that will stay with them throughout life.

We start each session with a simple question, “Tell me, tell me, tell me do, how has God been true to you?” Students may answer- or not –but throughout the year all answer- and offer the most incredible insights into their relationship with God through everyday occurrences in their lives. The fact that they recognize God so readily at their ages is a powerful experience from them – and for all with whom they share.

Over the years, many of these students have grown so in their relationship with God and their understanding of Scripture that they are capable of leading the group. I want to share that with you.

So as “a picture is worth a thousand words…” I wanted to share some of this years’ Bible Study through images. Here is what God saw from these great young people.

First we see our students sharing prayer and their encounters with God;


Then we see them as leaders preparing for their Bible School graduation.  Here them making                 their ribbons which they will receive at Friday’s Mass.




They learned a lot and We learned a lot this year. Most of all, we should all learn to “listen to The Word”. May you spend your summer happily seeing God in your life and hearing God is your soul.

Many Blessings,

The Bible Study Group