SJS has made significant strides in technology this year led, in large part, to the genrosity of our families, Parents Club and efforts of Miss Harter, SJS Educational Technologist and diligent learning by our teachers. All students have had access to devices that purposefully support learning throughout the curriculum. Teachers have enjoyed meaningful professional development that have enhanced instruction and increased learning. Dozens of devices (iPads and Chromebooks and charging carts)  have been purchased for student access. iRobot and Breakout Boxes have engaged students interest in engineering and supported the curriculum. Check back next week for a detailed list of acquisitions and applications.
In order to broaden the scope of purposeful programs for students access, all incoming 2nd-8th graders will need school Google accounts in 2018-2019.  Sixth through eighth graders will have email enabled; younger grades will have email disabled. SJS needs consent from parents to give students Google accounts. Parents of incoming 2nd-5th graders for the 2018-2019 school year or students new to SJS are asked to complete the consent form found below. The current year’s 5th-8th grade parents have already completed this form.
There is an electronic parent consent form on the school website. Please take a moment to complete and return the form. It would be helpful to have as many of these forms completed before the end of the current school year.
Here’s the link to the electronic form:
Today we celebrated one of SJS’s most honored annual traditions, May Crowning of Our Blessed Mother. This is always a most emotional event, particularly for graduates, First Communicants and their families. For me, it is one of the best responses to the question “why choose Catholic education?” Witness this beautiful event and you will realize THIS IS WHY!  Honoring Mary in this special way is a great sign of our faith and demonstrates to our children that we hold Mary in highest esteem as the Mother of God. As Father Matt said in his homily, May we all demonstrate the courage and faith that Mary lived in her life!

A Mother’s Day Prayer

All-loving God, we give you thanks and praise for mothers young and old.
We pray for young mothers, who give life and count toes and tend to our every need;

May they be blessed with patience and tenderness to care for their families and themselves with great joy.
We pray for our own mothers who have nurtured and cared for us; May they continue to guide us in strong and gentle ways.

We remember mothers who are separated from their children because of war, poverty, or conflict; May they feel the loving embrace of our God who wipes every tear away.

We pray for women who are not mothers but still love and shape us with motherly care and compassion.
We remember mothers. grandmothers, and great-grandmothers who are no longer with us but who live forever in our memory and nourish us with their love. Amen.

May 15 – Sandwich Ministry
May 18 – Special Lunch
May 21 – Spirit Wear
May 24 – Creative Learning Fair
May 25 – No Classes, Staff Development

The Battle of the Books

Congratulations to the following students have read 10 or more books on
the Battle of the Books lists. They have earned Spirit Wear passes and a chance
at winning the drawings for Principal, Assistant Principal, and Priest for 1/2 Day!

Drawing Winners


Principal  for 1/2 Day               Assistant Principal for 1/2 Day
Friday, May 11th                          Friday, May 11th
Ben Zebron                                  Kate Ziebka

Priests for 1/2 Day
Friday, May 18th
Lila Sheriff and Abby Thengil

Click here to see the lists of AMAZING READERS!

Mark your calendars for a week from Monday, May 28, and join the St. James School contingent as we participate in the Arlington Heights Memorial Day Parade! Walk or ride your bike, decked out in red, white, and blue for this fun event!



May is a very important month for us. It is one of two dedicated to Mary and the Rosary. The Rosary is a Marian prayer drawn from Bible stories of Jesus. As you know, the decades of the Rosary are collected under certain themes relative to Christ’s life including the Joyful mysteries, the Sorrowful mysteries, the Glorious mysteries and since, 2002, the Luminous mysteries. READ MORE.


Congratulations to Brady Mulligan, SJS 2014, who signed on to play collegiate soccer at Bradley University and  TJ Constertina, SJS Class of 2014,committed to the University of St. Thomas to play baseball.


May Crowning     Special THANKS  to our May Crowning chairs, Jamie Kaepplinger and Bridget Ziebka!  We appreciate your time in coordinating this special event and making memories for our children!


Room Parents for 2018-2019     Thank you!  Almost all room parent spots are filled.  We still need help in:

  • PK3 (2 needed), PK4 full day/five day (2 needed),
  • K (3 full day K parents needed),
  • Grade 3 (1 needed),
  • Grade 7 (1 needed).  

Volunteer to be a room parent here or send an email to Gina Zebron at


Special Lunch     The last special lunch of the year is Friday, May 18.  Be sure to send your student(s) with a drink!  Thank You to Special Lunch co-chairs Kate DiMarco & Joanne Citrano for coordinating everybody’s favorite lunch day of the month!


Check THIS out!   2018-2019 A year of transition

Did you know that Parents’ Club is getting an extreme makeover?  We will move forward with a new identity including a new name and mission statement as shown below.  The current board is working hard during this time of transition to the St. James Family and School Association (FSA).  An End of Year report with highlights and our fundraising goals and special events for 18-19 will come home in backpacks on June 1.  YOU are a school parent – YOU are invested in our mission.  We look forward to teaming up to continue supporting our school!

We’re gearing up for our final meeting of the year!  We hope to see any and all available parents on Tuesday, May 15 at 9:00 a.m. in the O’Brien Room (parish office basement).

Meeting minutes from our April 17 meeting are available on the Parents’ Club webpage.

Got2 Run for Education is sponsoring their annual walk / run event right here in Arlington Heights on May 20.  There is a 2.62 mile walk/run and an 8k run.  There will be t-shirts, awards and lots of fun for all in the event.  The sponsors of this organization want to promote physical fitness and activity – so any participants who sign up and select St. James School will help the school automatically earn $10 in donations for every participant.