FROM THE DESK OF MRS. PAT FARRELL, Director of Spiritual Formation

This Saturday,  May 5th, is one day is a very special day for the St. James Community.  Our second graders will receive the Body and Precious Blood of Christ into their very being. They will be transformed as the move a step closer to complete relationship with God. As Saint Athanasius said in the fourth century, “He became what we are that we might become what he is.” This is the essence of the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Christ has taken on our humanity so that we can become as God intended us to be, divine.

The word “communion” is derived from several early languages, all meaning “participation on something common ” but as we use it in the church, it means “participation in the sacrament” which St. Augustine interpreted to mean, “together, in oneness, in union”.

So for our dear children and for us the Sacrament of the Eucharist is meant to be shared in community – with our families and with those we may not know but join in belief in the presence of Christ. That is why First Communion is administered in the context of the Mass with the participation of family, friends and others in the community. So we pray with joy and gratitude for our St. James first communicants as they receive the Eucharist for the first time. And we promise to be with them again the next day as they receive the Eucharist for the second time! And we promise to be with one another even if we are receiving Eucharist for the 40th time, 50th time , 100th time…..always together in Faith!!

We also want to extend a special “thank you” to or beloved (truly) pastor, Father Matt, Father Derek and Father John MacNamara , uncle of one of our communicants who grew up in St. James, and will join us to bring Christ to our children in this most sacred way.

We are also grateful for the Rebecca Linscott and Carrie Conley, our partners in faith formation and to Mrs. Madden, Mrs. Dillon and Ms. Wentzel who work daily to prepare our children for Eucharist.

I especially want to thank Mrs. Pappas for developing an environment where faith can flourish!