8th Grade  Collaborative Installation

Each eighth grade art class (22 students in each class) collaborated to plan and create an Art Installation.  Students were instructed to design a piece that represented both the group as a whole (the “big picture”) as well as the individuals in the group. They were given simple materials to begin their plan that included pieces of parquet floor tiles, and paint. Depending on their chosen plan, students would also be able to incorporate additional materials as needed to complete their piece.

One group chose to create a hamburger made up of 22 different layers, each representing an individual in the class.  The bun represents the St. James teachers and the community that has supported them through the years.

The other group chose to create a sunset, representing their years at St. James School coming to an end. They also chose to add a collage of photos representing a few of their many fond memories made here at St. James School.

All students within each class worked together to determine the final plan, how each piece of tile would be painted, how they would be mounted, and how the background would be painted. Each created an individual piece and each had a part in putting together the final presentation. True real world learning!