From the Desk of Mrs. Pat Farrell, Director of Spiritual Formation

It hasn’t been a difficult winter, but every once in a while we have gotten a blast of cold that makes us want to seek warmth. Think about this: warmth is not just a physical sense. True warmth comes from deep within. It is with us all the time and we show it in many different ways if we understand that true warmth is love: the love that Christ has for us. This is rooted in His desire for us, for our companionship. This is what empowers us to love one another; to be kind, friendly; hopeful… and many other very positive gifts that we receive from Christ so we can be Christ to one another.

This is the theme of Catholic Schools Week at St. James, which begins this Sunday. It is also the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, patron saint of Catholic education. When you join us for the 11:30 Mass this Sunday and stay for our Open House, you will see how everyone at St. James witnesses this love of Christ. The doors will be decorated with words and images that illustrate our love for one another- and how we live it.

This week I witnessed a sneak preview of Christ’s love for us from the Campus Ministry Department of St. Viator High School. They came to lead a retreat for our seventh graders.. A very special part of this retreat is that it is being led by St. James alums,namely, Cori Korab, Mack Scanlon, Grace Zimmerman, Cara Denten, Tom Constertina, and Katie McManaman. We were very blessed to have these alums come back and lead a retreat for our current students because they speak the language of these young people. They understand the world that these students are living in, as they grown to their full potential, as intended by Christ.

What’s so exciting about all of this is that we see the seeds of relationship with God in these high school students that were nurtured in you, their families, who invited us into partnership with you on this life giving mission. These SVHS students demonstrated their understanding of God’s love and the importance of sharing it with others.

As Thomas Aquinas said, “Charity, by which God and neighbor are loved, is the most perfect friendship.”

This should be our motto, not just for Catholic Schools Week, but always.